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Back the Blue Shemagh

Featuring the 7-point star synonymous with a Sheriff's Badge made of the stars and stripes of the United States flag in the main field, the Back the Blue Shemagh honors the thin blue line and the sacrificial service of all Law Enforcement Officers. As a practical accessory, the shemagh (pronounced "shmog") has been in use throughout history in desert environments for protection from sun, wind, and sand. While mostly associated with the Middle East, the basic shemagh is worn by British, French, Israeli, and U.S. forces throughout the world. Woven in 100% cotton, the Back the Blue Shemagh is manufactured in Pakistan for authenticity and attention to detail.

In support of and in solidarity with Law Enforcement personnel, the primary goal of this project is to provide this stylized traditional shemagh scarf to Law Enforcement Officers in recognition of the daily work these men and women perform to protect our communities. For each Back the Blue Shemagh purchased, will provide a matching Back the Blue Shemagh to a local Law Enforcement Agency in Colorado.